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The basis of all the jumps etc. is character-progression. So if we start thinking from here to solve the issue of the big numbers, we could come up with some creative ideas.We don't want the numbers to decrease but we agree with the issue they may cause.So what do you guys think of the following:

Take a certain amount of levels, like 10 for example.

Have the numbers on gear increase till that 10th level. At this level 10, all previous gear will have only 1 number for all stats: 0.

So the numbers that where there previously will be transferred from items to character. So they will be there but not on the items but on the char itself.So all the power the items where giving to the character is still there!



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'They look SO simple,I cant understand the exciting potential of utility and actual abilities versus a horde of boring,unimpactful passive talents and the occasional ability you have no idea you were going to pick right from the start!where the hell are all the old talents?! Damn why can't I open my eyes and see they're reworked into specs! And actually realise MoP offers more talents,not less! Screw that the big shiny calculator is the only thing my attention allowes me to concentrate on."



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You may see this as QQ, but I don't really care...all I see is a company that was once set on quality, but is now set on milking a cash cow. Updating the character models has to be, of the most requested updates of World of Warcraft's entire existence, yet...they just pump out the same statement of 'it is a very hard and demanding process'...yea, I'm sure it is with all those billions of dollars pouring out of your a$$ and unlimited resources...

Come on, am I the only person who cannot see the logic here, I mean, seriously....



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A return to the larger raids, like Ulduar or ICC, making it feel like a journey though such raids.

– Class uniqueness, making it feel each class serves a needed purpose, rather then homogenizing them

– A return of loved lore characters and them actully doing something again, ones like Illidan, Rexxar, Saurfang, Turalyon, Alleria Windrunner, Nazgrel and the like.

– Pvp being more about the actual fighting rather then gimmicks in battlegrounds to give us an advantage, how is standing around in a courtyard in TB waiting for something to happen or firing off seige engines or shooting from gun turrets meant to be about pvp?

– World pvp, at least something on par with wintergrasp where its a central concept to the zones we’re.

– Content outside of dungeons and raids is always a must, but if they could make grinding dungeons less needed and give us more to do outside dungeons, kind of like how it felt in tbc (least to me it did) there be more reason to look forward to doing a daily heroic.


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to say its really easy canceling your annual pass you just have to block your credit card so blizzard cant take money out of your card after a month you can use a credit card to re activate your wow account after it the annual pass is gone and you lose all perks… just wanted people to know who are trying to cancel it…

Since im moving out of the country and i wont be playing on europian servers ic the point in paying for something that i wont use well i got out of the contract got a account that works with credit card and gamecard.

PS to the fanboys who think there soo cool and smart plz gtfo could care less about your moral opinion…

Trying to help people who cant pay for theres or cant get out of it becouse of irl issues with out getting a ban or a mark on your acc this is the fastest and safest way to do it…



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